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The Benefits In Training with Newlog

  • Ability to claProject Managementim funds for the staff training from the SDL (Skills Development Levy)

  • SDL Claims make the training practically self funded

  • Course provided by the SETQA Accredited Institution

  • Generic Project Management skills Acquired

  • Long term savings by having qualified Project Managers

  • Introduction of better control over projects (project governance)

  • Making the company more marketable both locally and internationally by having formally qualified Project Managers to deliver projects (NQF 4 Certificate in Project Management)

  • Companies Human Resources Development Strategies aligned by the newest trends and requirements in the industry

  • Providing staff with the career advancement opportunity

  • Ability to acquire the knowledge on the "Best Practices"

  • Possibly to benchmark against the other major player

What Does Newlog Offer

  • Our Combined over 320 years experience in project management and training

  • SETA (& SETQAA) full accreditation (institutional, facilities and accredited courses

  • Decision No. 0186

  • Company’s outstanding track record supported by the tangible results since 1995

  • Tailor made training approach to suit your requirements

  • Modular training

  • Practical exercises based on case studies

  • Outcome based training approach and methodology

  • Detailed project management planning training including CPA

  • Relaxed learning and skills acquiring atmosphere

  • Individual student attention

  • Follow up sessions and ongoing mentoring

  • Guaranteed results

How Your Company can benefit from this course

  • AlProject Managementl projects tend to fail if not planned and managed properly

  • By having trained and skilled Project Management staff the possibility of failure is drastically reduced

  • By having projects delivered on time, within the budget and the required quality due to skilled Project staff your clients are delighted

  • By knowing how to appraise and evaluate projects there will be fewer chances for possible future miss investment

Newlog cc Systems Management and Engineering, Delivery, knowledge and skills transfer excellence Since 1995,
Proudly South African

Proudly South African

Accredited, since 2002, No. 0186